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St Cross Church
"Winchester St Cross Church", 53cm by 33cm

This is an early stage of a watercolour of Winchester St Cross Church. It is a view from the water meadows looking towards the church. The church is the main area of interest and the artist has placed it in the left-hand third of the composition.

Don's first session on the site was spent pencilling in the basic areas and methodically constructing the architecture ready for further work. The contrast of this image has been increased to try and show the faint pencil lines more clearly and the intial wash has also been exaggerated in the process; it will disappear in later stages. The gatehouse on the right appears to have been moved further away from the church - probably to give rhythm to the composition; the heights of the buildings appear to have also very slightly lifted for emphasis.

The edges of the heavyweight watercolour paper are shown in this image and you may see some of Don's guide markings, numbering and annotations that are used to accurately build the painting.

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