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Oil Paintings by Don Lavelle
These oil and acrylic paintings were all created and painted in front of the subject by Don Lavelle and are thus true artistic creations of the particular locations. Click on an image to open a larger version of a painting. Commissioning a special work or purchasing one of these perfect paintings is easy, just contact Don Lavelle and we will do the rest. Paintings tagged as 'private collection' are not for sale but arrangements can often be made to create a similar one if desired.

Kings Sedgemoor River in Somerset

Biblins Bridge on the River Wye
"Walking on the King's Sedgemoor"
Oil painting on board, 59 by 44 cm
private collection

One of Don's early oil paintings done outside.

"Memories Of Summer: Biblins Bridge On The River Wye"
Arylic on canvas, 76cm by 50cm
private collection

A commission which was tackled with enthusiasm in an attempt to re-create happy memories for a retired teacher.

autumn near Trelleck

Oliver Cromwell at Ribblehead
"Sunday Walk: Manor Wood In Autumn"
Acrylic on canvas, 41cm by 41cm
private collection

A liberal interpretation of some woods close to Don's home.

"Steam, Earth And Sky: Oliver Cromwell on Ribblehead Viaduct"
Acrylic on canvas, 82cm by 60cm
private collection

This painting was created in the studio from sketches, models, photographs and virtual computer modelling.

Tintern Abbey from the left bank of the Wye

River Wye at Wyesham
"Tranquil River: The Wye At Monmouth"
Oil on board, 80cm by 61cm
private collection

Don spent many days over several weeks painting this subject on the spot.

"Tranquil River: The Wye At Monmouth"
Oil on board, 80cm by 61cm
private collection

To get this view, the artist painted whilst standing on an anglers' jetty on the river.
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